Part Bred

A Part Bred Clydesdale is a horse derived from Clydesdale bloodlines and those of another breed or mix of breeds. Ideally, the progeny will display desirable characteristics and qualities of both the Clydesdale and the other breed(s).

Part Bred Clydesdales with less than 50% of Clydesdale bloodlines are not registerable with the CCHS.

In order to be registered with the CCHS as a Part Bred Clydesdale, a horse must trace one side of its bloodline to that of a registered Pure Bred Clydesdale. A horse may hold only one registration with the CCHS, either as a Pure Bred Clydesdale or a Part Bred Clydesdale. Horses that are not eligible for registration as a Pure Bred Clydesdale may be eligible for registration as a Part Bred.