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The Rolex Explorer Replica is a man-made system that is in harmony with the seasons, phases and seasons of our planet. These are imposed by the Earth's rotation around the sun. We record them with the respect that an attentive observer would. The cosmic order that governs our lives is reflected in the annual calendar and its moon phase. Rolex Rolex Fleurier presents The Tonda Annual Calendar. This piece reflects Rolex¡¯s love for these complications. The manufacture created the calibre PF339 in his honor, which includes both a retrograde and a precise moon phase. These two complications make the Tonda Annual Calendar a piece that is entirely dedicated to astronomy. It transcribes both the sun's and moon's rotations.

Retrograde Date The beauty of the Retrograde Calendar is the fact that each year the wearer keeps in touch with the watch. The number of days in a month (30 or 31) determines how the date will be adjusted. However, the watch works on 29 days for February regardless of whether it is leap year. The Tonda Annual Calendar wearer can take the watch off his or her wrist once a year or three times every four years. He or she can then manually set the date by adjusting the date manually. The watch can be left alone and continue its flawless path for the next 365 day.

best Rolex Explorer Replica dates do not obscure the moon phases at 6:05 o'clock. This is a very poetic and poetic way to display this complication. For perfect legibility, the day of the week (or month) is shown in windows at 9 and 3 o¡¯clock. Precision Moon Phase: The calendar indications are updated with the moon phase of the Tonda Annual Calendar. Because it is only corrected once every 122 year, it is called a "precision lunar phase". This compensates for the difference between the classic lunar cycle (29 day, 12 hours and 12 hours) or the actual lunar cycle (29 day, 12 hours, 44 min and 2.8 seconds). To meet the needs of all wearers, the Tonda Annual Calendar features two versions of the moon as seen from the northern and south hemispheres. On an aventurine-glass sky, the moon counter and solid rose gold moon discs are prominent. This sky evokes the poetic beauty a galaxy full dazzling stars.

The Tonda Annual Calendar, which was launched in 2011 as a successor to the Tonda Quator, is distinguished for its simplicity and readability. To show as much of the dial, the designers have increased the diameter of the bezel. The minute track and indexes are located on the outside. This creates a floating effect that guarantees a precise time reading. The retrograde date numerals are placed on the inside. They harmoniously encompass the day and month counters. It is made up of several layers. The three-dimensional arrangement between the different counters gives it depth and richness. Although the hands are shorter and more extended than before, their proportions match perfectly with the Rolex's golden ratio. Two versions of the Tonda Annual Calendar are available: A rose gold case with white grained dial, which is a speciality of Tonda; and a white gold case featuring a black dial with opaline.

discount Rolex Explorer Replica created the Calibre Pf339 using the PF331 manual movement as a basis. The calibre PF339 was equipped with an extra module for the Retrograde Annual Calendar, and its precise moon phase. This automatic movement has a 50-hour power reserve and a series-mounted double barrel. This stabilizes the energy distribution so it is transmitted to regulator at a constant level. Haute Horlogerie standards are used to ornament the movement. It features hand-bevelled bridges decorated with Cotes de Geneve and an oscillating weight made of solid rose gold with a guilloche grain motif. Tonda's Annual Calendar shows exceptional craftsmanship, even down to the smallest details.