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The Commonwealth Clydesdale Horse Society Australia Inc. (CCHSA), established in 1918, has endeavoured to create a society that will continue to collect, verify, preserve and publish in its Stud Book, the pedigrees of pure bred horses throughout Australia. As the society enters the 21st century we remain committed to the promotion of the pure bred Clydesdale Horse free from hereditary unsoundness.

The CCHSA, through its Federal Council, will investigate, arbitrate upon and settle disputes and questions relating to these registered horses, in the interest of the breed and its members.
The society will value and maintain the high breed standards inherited from those past breeders who established the Clydesdale Horse in Australia and who provided us with the rich legacy of "The Breed That Built a Nation"

Frequently Asked

Informative information and characteristics of the Clydesdale Horse.



Images from all the latest shows, driving and training days.


Stud Book

On-line search of all registered horses, owners, breeders, brands, etc.

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